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Landscape/Vertical gardens

Landscape Services

Hire an Experienced Firm for Best Landscaping Services

When you are planning of landscaping in your farmhouse or a commercial complex, you need to hire a firm that is an expert in this field. Since you are not aware of various aspects of landscaping, it is advisable that you do not try it yourself as you will end up wasting a lot of your time and money and even then your landscape will not be ready.
There are a few companies in India that provide landscape services, but you need to keep a few points in mind before hiring one. You need to examine a few facts about the company to get a rough idea of their working order and expertise along with the variety of projects they have worked on.

Previous Projects

When you are having a look at the previous landscape services provided by the company, make sure you notice the following points:

The size of the project- A bigger size indicates that it is capable of handling commercial spaces. This also means that the company can handle residential projects with ease.

Technology- Have a look at the equipment used to complete previous projects. Modern equipment must be in practice to ensure all the landscaping has been evenly carried out.
Time- The firm providing landscape services should be able to complete the project in the least time possible. When having a look at previous projects, enquire about the time taken to complete that project.


Some firms are going to charge you on a daily basis while some will charge you for an entire project at once. You need to enquire about the payment policy of the firm beforehand to avoid any confusion once the work has started. Also, make sure that there are no hidden costs that might escalate the bills in the end. Companies tend to add taxes in the end and then act as if it was very obvious that there were going to be some taxes even though they would have not informed you about this at the start of the project.

Lanscaping Service Residential

Lanscaping Service Commercial

Vertical Gardens

The Age of Vertical Gardens is Here

Gone are the days when a simple garden outside your house would impress everyone.In this fast moving world, you need to keep up with the trend, and vertical gardens are the trendiest things when it comes to gardens. This is the next revolution in this category after terrace gardens. It involves growing a garden on a wall that is suitable to support it or hanging a few bottles or containers in which small plants grow. Since these gardens are never in direct contact of a wall, they are not going to harm them in any way. The following tips will help you in getting this unique type of garden of your own.

Choose the Right Place

It is of use if it is not easily visible for you to adore its beauty. Choose a visible spot, so that can have a look at it from a distance and properly maintain your vertical garden.There have been instances when people have installed a vertical garden but have completely neglected it because it was not at a highly visible place that could have bothered the owners.


Either you can hire an expert or get the right equipment yourself but do not ignore this aspect because if you do not get the right equipment, your garden will not last long. It needs special treatment, and, therefore, you will need the right equipment for it. It is advisable that you hire an expert for at least the installation process of the garden, andyou can handle the maintenance part yourself.


You can get your garden exclusively designed, and since it will be a vertical one, the      designs would be easily understandable. It can act as an amazing gift to your spouse if  you get his/her face engraved in the garden or get the faces of your children engraved in them. This will surely be a unique gesture which they are going to remember for alifetime. Designs are very easy to maintain in case of vertical gardens as you do not have to look at it from various angles.