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Terrace Gardens

Move over the Ordinary – It is Time for Terrace Gardens

Decorating homes with imported tiles, paintings and exotic lighting is passé. Today, people are opting for terrace gardens that are not only an amazing option that can be used to decorate homes but also a way to be more eco-friendly. The biggest problem that arises in getting the environment of a garden on the terrace is how safe it is to get one and how can you get one. People are also confused about what all to plant in that garden because not everything is suitable for terrace gardens. The following tips might help you.


Plan your garden according to the space available. Do not be ambitious in getting yourself a huge one when there is no space. You do not have to cover the entire space with the garden as you need to leave out some space for other activities. The plants that you grow in the terrace garden also depend on the space available. You cannot plant a mango tree up there because it will bring your whole house down. Climbers, small plants and flowers, these are the most popular options when it comes to terrace gardens.


The soil needs to be rich in nutrients, and abundant water would not make the cut here. You need to add fertilisers apart from clean water to make sure that the soil does not lack any nutrient and is not spoiled by impure water that contains impurities or harmful chemicals Also, do not fill the soil with too much water as this will not only spoil the whole garden, the water might seep into your terrace as well.

Get an Expert

If you are planning to get tubs, vases and pots, then it is fine but if you are planning to lay down the soil directly on your terrace to get a natural garden and hiring an expert is a must. Experts will ensure that your terrace garden does not cause any damage to your terrace.