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5 Amazing Garden Ideas To Make Your Garden Look Heavenly

5 Amazing Ideas To Make Your Garden Look Heavenly

Garden Ideas
Let's make your garden the hotspot of parties, the talk of the town, and a lot more with these easy ideas.
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Garden Ideas

Let’s make your garden the hotspot of parties, the talk of the town, and a lot more with these easy ideas.


The best garden design is one that is filled with grass and pretty flowers. So, having shrubs around is the best thing you can do with your space. Shrubs like box balls or mahonia are the perfect examples for bigger areas. Shrubs like roses and 12’o clock are the best options for low maintenance and small gardens. Once you have the proper layout of your garden in mind, fill the empty spaces with flowers or plants with colorful leaves. However, we’d suggest you stick to not more than five to six types. You can always create a repeated pattern for a pleasant effect. 


Ever imagined your garden to be exuding beachy vibes? But are you worried about where the hammock would go? This is what trees are for. Create the perfect atmosphere with mature trees that block the sun for some relief in the hotter months and can also be used as anchors for hammocks. Trees are also great for hanging any decorations you have on your mind, like pendant lights and a lot of many things. 

Trees also filter noise pollution and enhance the quality of air. They also serve as a nice healthy spot for birds to perch on. As we already know, the numerous benefits trees provide, many of them like converting carbon dioxide into oxygen, can not be forgotten. 


Paving is the ultimate way to beat the mundane of floorings. Be careful regarding what you choose as that must go with the theme of your garden. Grey or white paving is great for a French country look, black or silver paving is associated with a modern theme, and golden stone renders the perfect English country vibes.

Green steps

Who doesn’t like including steps in the garden? Well, if you don’t, don’t be worried, as different steps or sets of platforms can help you achieve the much-wanted look. Incorporate a few steps and enable the rest of the spaces to be seen from different angles.


Fountains can be an amazing way to enhance your garden. They offer a beautiful social focal point that enables the visitors to see something beyond just trees and plants. We agree a garden is meant to have fauna as its focal point, but why do what everybody’s doing? Much like the trees, fountains attract wildlife. Who knows, you might see an exotic bird perching on the edge of your fountain. Fountains or wall waterfalls can be extremely appealing to the eye. You can also throw parties in your garden with a grand fountain in the background. 

We were not able to cover every point under the sun, but for sure have gathered the most common maintenance tips for you. Follow these tips and enjoy your next soak stress-free.

This was a wrap from us. Hope you know everything there’s needed to be learned regarding a garden theme. If you need any swimming pools in Delhi, indoor/outdoor fountains in Delhi, or jacuzzis in Delhi, to make for a beautiful focus of attraction, connect with Green Evolutions.

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