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Can You Soak In The Jacuzzi Foam?

Can You Soak In The Jacuzzi Foam?

Jacuzzi Foam
We are here to burst the foamy bubbles that form in your jacuzzi. Know the reasons where the foam comes from and how to prevent it from coming further.
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Imagine this, you have returned after a long day of work and went in to enjoy a dip in your jacuzzi. You have changed into your favorite jacuzzi wear and are ready to dip your feet into the warmth of water when suddenly you see a layer of foam.

We are here to burst the foamy bubbles that form in your jacuzzi. Know the reasons where the foam comes from and how to prevent it from coming further.

What does the foam mean?

Foam in the jacuzzi means the chemical balance is not right. If it is not properly foamy and instead you see cloudy or foamy water, it means one and the same thing. If you think this isn’t a big deal, let us burst your bubble that it might cause damage to your jacuzzi. This foam can corrode or discolor your jacuzzi walls.

Focus On The cause

Shocking your jacuzzi might seem like a tedious task. But foam caused by shampoos, soaps, and lotions collects in the jacuzzi to form a cloud of foam. We’d recommend you shock your jacuzzi once a week and immediately after a party.


Another major cause of foam is that you are not removing debris and leaves that get collected over time. Any sanitizer you use kills bacteria and algae. We’d recommend using a rake or a skimmer to take out the leaves.

Chemical Imbalance

Foam collected over the jacuzzi also indicates the pH balance of your jacuzzi tub. Sometimes the chlorine alkalinity can disturb the pH of your tub, which can lead to foaming. If you face this problem, it can be fixed by adding the right mix of chemicals. But how would you know whether or not the pH balance is maintained? Test your jacuzzi with a chemical kit. If the indicator shows higher than 120pm, it is way too alkaline.

Getting rid of the foamy monster

Once you are done knowing the cause, there are always correct steps you can take to prevent that. The chemicals used in water should be able to clean the water within 24 hours. If you still feel reluctant to step in, add some drops of bromine or chlorine to remove any unwanted elements.

How to prevent jacuzzi foam

Well, here’s the good news: Jacuzzi foam can be controlled. We’d recommend you take a shower and rinse yourself before stepping into the jacuzzi. Avoid taking eatables to your jacuzzi as they lodge the filters and can damage more. And finally, check your jacuzzi’s pH levels frequently to take care of the jacuzzi even more.

While we are aware we were not able to cover every point under the sun, but for sure have gathered the most common maintenance tips for you. Follow these tips and enjoy your next soak stress-free.

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