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10 Things You Must Know About Gunite Pool

10 Things you must know About Gunite pool

gunite pool
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Gunite is the current popular cement application technique in today’s pool construction scenario. These Gunite pools are more durable than the regular cemented pools.

What is Gunite?
Gunite is another term for Shotcrete, which is basically a concoction of sand, cement, and water. The major difference, however, is that Gunite is not poured into wooden frames like regular cement, but it is sprayed with a spray gun. Since sprayed cement has a low water- cement ratio, its exceptional compressive strength makes any pool more adhere-friendly. Gunite is the current popular cement application technique in today’s pool construction scenario. These pools are more durable than the regular cemented pools. Unlike the traditional pouring method used in traditional cement pools, Gunite is applied in layers.

Not a lot of people know this, but Gunite is not a new term, and neither is the methodology. The first time Gunite was used goes way back to the 1900s, to repair the Field Columbian Museum in Chicago. Gunite is also more refined than regular cement as it is free from the impurities like rocks and pebbles commonly found in cement.

Gunite also solves the most common problem, the application of cement on curved and vertical surfaces. With spray cement, Gunite can be applied to tougher surfaces more easily. And don’t be fooled by the spray gun; Shotcrete is not just limited to pool usage; it is, in fact, used in the construction of road tunnels.

The History of Gunite
Concrete, or something like concrete, has been used in history since 6500 BC. We all know who used it the first time. Of course, the Romans. Conrete-like mixtures have been used in Roman architecture since circa unknown.

The History of Concrete Pools vs Gunite Pools

It is clear from the above point that concrete is older. So naturally, concrete pools were used way before than Gunite pools. Concrete pools have survived centuries, starting from the Roman Empire, and they still exist today.

However, Gunite pools became a popular choice during World War 2. When soldiers returned from the war, they wanted more pleasurable options for their properties. One of which was a Gunite pool.

Why Gunite?
This may appear in people’s minds since traditional cemented pools seem like a simpler and more trustworthy way to build pools, but you’ll be shocked to know that Gunite is stronger than traditional cement. As told above, Gunite is used in road and tunnel construction; imagine how solid the cement will be.

Due to the spray gun, Gunite can be applied in several shapes, sizes, crevices, and surfaces. Gunite can create stunning designs with as much and as little cement (since the amount of cement is highly controllable) as needed. The spray gun acts like an airbrush machine used in the makeup industry. Just like makeup products flowing out of the airbrush nozzle, Gunite is sprayed from the spray gun, resulting in stunning designs and amazing patterns.

Installing Gunite pools
Gunite pools are built just like your regular pools. The ground is dug, and the cavity takes the
shape of your selected design. After that, an iron framework is installed. The iron framework is
then sprayed with Gunite (or poured over with cement in a regular cemented pool case). The
third step would be to let the paint dry.

After Gunite gets dried, plaster goes on it. Since plaster is the most versatile option due to its color availability, it is widely used for pool construction. However, if you don’t prefer plaster and want to invest in something better and chic, we would suggest you opt for tiles and other accessories. Tiles in a mosaic pattern or accessories in cerulean blue look most stunning.

Curing Gunite
Call it a con or just another tantrum thrown by a rockstar who later performs like never before. But Gunite takes roughly 28 days to cure properly. Also, when you’re starting to install a Gunite pool, you’ll have to make sure that the weather is good since bad weather will mean Gunite being sprayed proportionately.

Here are some points you might want to remember if you have a Gunite pool –
Porosity plays a crucial role when it comes to pools. How porous the material used for the pool directly impacts maintenance. Gunite is naturally porous, which means the amount of maintenance increases a bit compared to traditional pools. Porous material used in the pool attracts algae growth. Which means you’ll need more and more frequent pool brushing.

Gunite pools will always have to have a finishing top. Unlike vinyl and fiberglass, which are already finished products and don’t need any tile or decor whatsoever, Gunite will require finishing. But don’t be sad; unlike fiberglass and vinyl pools, Gunite pools will remain the way they were when first installed since they don’t tend to lose their shape.

Gunite vs. Shotcrete
The most raging question people ask about Gunite is its comparison with its cousin, Shotcrete. The composition of both cousins is the same. The only difference is that Gunite is a dryer premix, whereas concrete is a wet premix. Gunite usually arrives like a powdered mix in which water has to be mixed. Shotcrete, on the other hand, comes in premixed with water.

Gunite vs. Concrete
Gunite and concrete, just like Shotcrete, are exactly the same in composition. The method in which they arrive or are applied makes a world of difference. Concrete arrives in a powdered state, mixed with sand and water, and then, later on, is applied on walls using hands, whereas Gunite/shotcrete arrives premixed and later on applied with a spray gun.

Gunite pool or a regular pool, the choice is yours. Ultimately, it has to be a pool of your dreams. Which means the material you use plays an important role. Investing in a Gunite pool is a great thing, but then again, everything comes at a cost.

We hope you know whatever there is to be known about Gunite pools. If you need more information from our side regarding Gunite pools or any other water feature, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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