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3 Most Needed landscaping Equipment For A Stunning Garden

3 Most Needed Equipment To Have For A Stunning Garden

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Having landscaping equipment to take care of your beloved garden is a must. Green Evolutions has prepared a list of some of the most important items you’d need to have the best garden ever. 

Lawn Mower

Each time you use your lawn mower, you leave behind fallen shoots of grass. These quickly become the perfect compost and add valuable nutrients back into the soil. If your model also comes with a mulching kit, even more, growth-supporting nutrients will be put back into the soil.

How a lawn mower helps your garden:

Lawn Compost

A lawn mower, when operated, leaves a lot of leaves behind. These leaves act as compost to give your garden all the nutrients it needs. If your lawn mower model comes with a mulching kit, don’t hesitate to reap all the benefits it can provide you.


All thanks to the lawn mower, it is the perfect anti-weed companion you’ll ever need in order to keep weed growth in check. We know what you’re thinking, a lawn mower cuts weeds along with the grass, yes, that’s true, but grass recovers and grows faster than weeds. 

The debris dilemma

A lawn mower is a perfect choice if you want to control the debris problem in your garden. Before using a lawn mower, you’d have to pick up all the fallen twigs and rocky chunks, which leads to clearing up the debris. Do not even think about using the lawn mower before clearing away the debris if you don’t want to put your expensive tool in a dilapidated condition. 

Solution For The Pest

Your garden can quickly grow pests and become a home to them. A lawn mower helps in making a dent in the pest population.


If you wonder why a trimmer is needed when you already have a lawn mower, we’ll tell you the reason. Trimmers can reach where the mowers cannot. For example, your fence line, under decks, flower beds periphery, etc. It makes your garden look polished. String trimmers come in three variants: gas-powered trimmers, battery-operated trimmers, and electric-powered trimmers. 

Here are some reasons why investing in a trimmer is a good option for you:  

No gas-like smell:

If you buy an electric or battery-operated trimmer, you’ll get rid of the gas smell. Gas-powered trimmers run on gasses that do not particularly smell great. This means you’ll cure the environment without smelling ripe.

Electric string trimmers are easy on the body:

Electric string trimmers are lightweight, which means a little less task for you. Gas trimmers are big and bulky, so they can become really heavy. This leads to improper maneuvering of the tool. Heavy trimmers can lead to all kinds of pain. Electric trimmers, on the other hand, are just easy and breezy to handle and operate.

Less Time Needed

Unlike gas trimmers, electric trimmers don’t need warm-up time. Gas-powered trimmers, before running up to several minutes, take a warm-up time. Also, gas trimmers are required to be refilled constantly, which is one less task for electric trimmers. The priming and filling are reduced with electric trimmers, saving you all the time for other leisure activities. 


As the name suggests, spreaders help business owners save some cost by providing an even application of fertilizers and weed controls in the entire garden.

Here are some of the reasons why a garden fertilizer will help you a lot: 

Filling the labor void:

People are switching to AI, and you don’t want to look age-old and use manual labor to spray the entire garden with pesticides and weed control. Spreaders not only help with filling the manual labor void but also yields high production rates and an even application of repellants.

Improve Production Yield

Does the sparse land irritate you? No matter how much you sow, you’ll reap as much as your soil health. Fertilizers help in improving the productivity of your soil. 


50% of the world’s soil is deficient in zinc and micronutrients such as iron and manganese, and a spreader helps your soil by enriching it with several micronutrients used by the soil. 

Doesn’t matter if gardening is your leisure or a serious profession; you’ll need these tools to maintain your green paradise. These tools will not only help your garden to flourish but will also cut a lot of time out of your busy schedule by offering quick solutions.

Green Evolutions understands your garden needs. This is why we design wonderful garden fountains so you can enjoy them.

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