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How To Clean Wall Water Fountain

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Wall water fountains are a beautiful addition to your home. These stunning Indoor water feature have everything you need to attract attention to your hall. The sleek design gives you the classy look you desire. Wall-mounted fountains are good for those who want to add a classy touch to their homes without compromising on humidity. They help to humidify the homes and remove dirt and debris. Patients with asthma might find an indoor fountain very useful because it never skimps on humidity.

However, just like other fountains, indoor wall water fountains need to be cleaned enough as well. These fountains require to be cleaned twice a year, and regular cleaning will help to make them long-lasting. Regular cleaning will not just lead to a longer shelf life but will also make your fountain shine like a new penny.

Here’s How You can Clean Wall Water Fountain :-


This one is a no-brainer; in order to clean your fountain, you must drain it. Before anything, turn your fountain off and drain the water. If you don’t want to invert the fountain right into your washbasin because your wall-mounted fountain may has some equipment that can be damaged while getting inverted, you can always use a wet/dry vacuum. Use the hose to remove water. Remember, be very gentle with this step and also dry the fountain as much as possible. This is not the step where you are cleaning but preparing your wall water fountain to be cleaned. This step will ensure how wonderfully the further steps will be achieved.

Take out the ornaments

Take out whatever adorns your wall-mounted water fountain. If you have things like pebbles, take them out and keep them away. Now that you’re cleaning the entire fountain, why not clean the parts as well? Clean these parts with a gentle soap and a soft cloth. If the ornaments are fixed, make sure to use a soft-bristled brush to clean them. Go to every nook and cranny possible in order to get sparkling clean fountains at the end of the day.

Clean the glass/steel

The glass of your fountain makes the wonder of this beauty visible to the outer world. Make sure you clean it as well. Whatever part of the fountain glass or steel, you can wipe it with a soft cloth and soapy water. After using the soapy water to clean it, make sure you have dried everything. A specialist preparation on the glass can Prevent algae growth on the fountain.

The Fountain pump.

The main part of the water wall fountain needs to be cleaned as thoroughly as the outer parts. A clean pump will ensure great flow and longevity of the fountain. This is why it is called the most important part of the fountain. If your pump is not clean, you’ll have a wide variety of problems in the future, including algae buildup, white scale, and clogging. Disassemble the pump and use  distilled water to remove the algae. A clean soft cloth must also be used to give your pump a gentle wipe.


The tube of your fountain connects it with the pump and carries water into your fountain. If this tube is clogged, chances are the pump will work harder, always failing to take water up to the spout resulting in a non-functional fountain. This tube must be cleaned. To clean the tube, you’ll need fresh running water that can be run through the tube to clean the clogging. White-scale buildup can also be cleaned by passing preparation through the tube. Remove the tubing and raise it; you can also buy a long bristled brush if your tubing is narrow and requires deep cleaning.

Wiping the surface

This, again, is a no-brainer; after cleaning things, you might want to wipe them. Don’t think if they are meant to be wet, why wipe them in the first place? Wiping ensures even the last traces of buildup will be cleared away. You can wipe your wall water fountain with a lint-free cloth. The glass can be cleaned with a window cleaner and then eventually be wiped down with a lint-free cloth. You’ll be amazed to know how smoothly the water will glide down your fountain after a thorough cleanse.

All set

Assemble the parts back up and put the ornaments in the fountain. Refill it, and you’re good to go. Repeating the process twice a year will result in a thoroughly cleaned wall water fountain.

If you prefer not to clean your fountain by yourself, there is no need to worry. We offer fountain maintenance services in Delhi that cover all types of fountain cleaning. Don’t hesitate, give us a call now.

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