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101 Guide to Swimming Pool Construction Cost in India

101 Guide to Swimming Pool Construction Cost in India

101 Guide to Swimming Pool Construction Cost in India
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Since swimming pools are a big commitment, the potential owner must know the construction costs.

A long day at work, a crazy manager, or an annoying colleague all require a ‘cozy space.’ But in this age of hustle, where do you get one? The answer is hidden in your own home. A pool. A swimming pool can be an answer to a plethora of stress-related problems.

Pools can easily be a cozy space for any kind of home. Take a dive, and it lifts up your spirit like magic. Now we know you must be wondering about the swimming pool construction cost.


Before considering swimming pool construction costs, one must know the kind of pool they’re going for. Since swimming pools are a big commitment, the potential owner must be aware of the different kinds of pools.

The Indian pool owner diaspora has mainly three kinds of pools:


And before selecting the kind of pool you want, you might want to take a glance at your place.

The reason being your personal preference and the kind of budget you’d want to spend.

The first and the most commonly found option pan India is a vinyl pool. These pools require heavy-duty construction. Steel bars are installed inside the pit (future pool) and then later are cemented. Vinyl liner is stuck around and inside the cavity to give it the cool blue aesthetic synonymous with oceans. Luckily, Vinyl is also synonymous with low maintenance, meaning you can enjoy more diving and less cleaning.

These kinds of pools can also take more load as compared to any other variety of pools. So you can design your dream pool with zero stress.

The second option….

An inground pool makes your job much easier. If you hate all the mess of a vinyl liner swimming pool construction project, an inground pool could be an answer. These pools don’t require a full- fledged construction. Most homes can easily accommodate these kinds of pools. They are usually made of fiberglass, which means fewer cement-y-chaos.

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Getting back to ‘swimming pool construction cost

Let us break it down for you: swimming pool construction costs depend on what materials are being used to construct the pool. For instance, imagine visiting a coffee shop. Your total bill won’t depend upon whether you choose Mocha, Latte, or Cappuccino. It will depend upon several factors like the kind of milk you’ve asked the barista to prepare your coffee with, the kind of sprinkles you’d want on top of it, whether or not you’re taking a bun, muffin, or any kind of bread or cookies with it.

The same logic applies to swimming pool construction costs. The total amount will eventually depend upon the kind of materials you’re using. Assortments of different kinds, decorations, or any other embellishment will cost you extra. It goes without saying that imported or branded materials, too, come with a hefty bill.

While an inground pool might be a mess-free solution, vinyl pools are usually the preferred choice in India.

As I told you earlier, swimming pool construction costs depend on several factors. But what are the factors that are considered after you select a vinyl pool as your one and only choice?

No brainer, but planning a pool before digging seems like the only choice. So, planning plays a crucial role before creating a pool. This stage doesn’t require a particular swimming pool construction cost. However, it does require creative thinking. We would love to have someone onboard who can design something stunning. But no worries, even if you don’t have the creative juices flowing, Green Evolutions can help you get things done.

After finalizing the design, the next step would be to ask for permission from the local authorities. These authorities do have active restrictions regarding the size and depth of the pools.

You might want to hire an architect or a draftsman to get your map approved. Needless to say, this is going to incur extra costs.

Digging the soil!!

The next step after finalizing the design would be to excavate the ground. Excavation, however, differs depending upon the kind of pool. Readymade pools and concrete/grunite pools have separate excavation processes. Usually, tools like earthmovers or heavy machinery are installed in the field to get the soil out. The cavity is then designed in the shape of the finalized draft. The swimming pool construction cost for this step will depend upon the square feet charges for digging the area.

Plumbing and installation of several electrical systems are necessary right after excavating as the lack of it will result in poor filtration, zero lighting, and no drainage.

A web of electrical and plumbing systems needs to be installed right after the excavation to ensure the pool functions better. The swimming pool construction cost for this step depends upon the quality of the supplies you wish to choose for your pool.

FRP Panels 101
FRP panels are the structures that get cemented to the walls of the cavity of the pool. These panels make sure your pool looks great. However, the quality of the soil must be checked before installing these panels. If the soil is not firm before the installation, it will result in the spoiling of these panels. The swimming pool construction cost for this stage depends upon the quality of the panels you wish to install.

Pool liner
The second last step is to choose a pool liner that aligns with your pool design idea. If you’ve desired your pool to look as blue as the ocean, a dark blue vinyl will be the best choice for you. However, if you love the pattern of a mosaic design, blue and teal-green tiles could be your best friend. The swimming pool construction cost for this step depends upon the size, variety, and quality of all the decor you wish to install in your pool.

Vibe ‘deck’
A deck is a walking area around the pool that is used for walking, sitting, and BBQ right around the pool. The deck, as suggested by the title, must pass all the vibe checks. Meaning it should be designed according to the usage of the area.

A deck not only gives your pool the aesthetics you need but also enhances the overall appearance of the space you have wished to install your pool at.

The swimming pool construction cost for this step will depend upon the materials you use.

Concrete or fiber? Which one is the better option?
So, if you’re wondering which swimming pool can elevate your space’s decor, we can for sure let you know it’s concrete. The freedom of designing whatever your heart desires and the longevity of the pool, among other things, are all the pros of a concrete swimming pool.

How can Green Evolutions help you with concrete swimming pools?
Green Evolutions has 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing concrete pools. We have created stunning concrete pools for several clients across India. Concrete pools require a lot of planning that can only be rendered by someone as experienced as Green Evolutions.

Apart from planning, other steps, such as plumbing and deck creation, also require meticulous skills.

We hope you know all about the basis of the costs incurred during the construction of the swimming pool. If you want to learn more about water features, you can reach out to Green Evolutions.

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