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Top 12 Swimming Pool Ideas for Small Backyards

Top 12 Swimming Pool Ideas for Small Backyards

Swimming pool Ideas
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Pools with small backyards add a certain cozy charm. Small backyards feel personal, cozy, and private. To add something to these yards that can accentuate the beauty of the pools in them is a done deal.

As the season’s turning leaves, we can expect summer to knock on our doors anytime soon. For those thinking about uplifting their decor game at pools, we bring you the top 12 swimming pool ideas for small backyards. Since we’re dealing with small backyards, we have to make sure the pool size remains relatively small so as not to overfill the area of the yard.

But what is a small swimming pool?
A swimming pool below 10×10 is considered a small pool. Unlike most people, Green Evolutions doesn’t believe that small pools equals limited backyard decor.

Instead, we feel small backyards add a certain cozy charm to the pools. Small backyards feel personal, cozy, and private. To add something to these yards that can accentuate the beauty of the pools in them is a groundbreaking deal.

Let’s get started with 12 swimming pool ideas for small backyards.

Creative Swimming Pool Ideas for Small Backyards

Shape of the pool
Circular/round or rectangular, the choice is yours. However, keep in mind the feel you’re going for is the best way to decide the shape. The design and shape of the pool entirely depend upon what you’ve thought about it. For example, a circular pool might give off a boho vibe. Rectangular pools, on the other hand, will give off a modern pool.

Lap pool
Lap pools are a stunning addition to any space. A pool with a small backyard can look great if designed properly. A lap pool is the best thing one can have in case they want a small pool.

Elements such as pea pebbles, straws, grass mats, and ocean blue tiles around the deck can amp up the look and feel of a small pool. These elements can take your small swimming pool from a mere aquatic addition to a stunning showstopper feature.

Grunite pools
Small pools that are below 10×10 look extremely tiny. While we’re positive about any pool size, it’s the people’s preferences that are in question. Most people want pools the size of an Olympic pool. While that’s not possible for everyone, we can make your tiny pool look less tiny. Adding grunite around the pool deck will result in a better size illusion.

It’s actually kinda self-explanatory, but we’re still shedding light on this one. Playing with colors and patterns seems like a done thing when it comes to small pools. The reason? Well, playing with the deck decor is better than going out and finding tricks to make your pool appear bigger. Adding curtains, patio furniture, and some vibrant-colored pool accessories will make sure you’ve done enough about your pool with a small backyard. These things will also make your pool a center of attraction.

The Mediterranean is always the best.
We do believe it’s up to the choice of people, but we’re a little biased toward this one. The Mediterraneans enjoy the scenic beauty of their natural water bodies, so who knows natural pools better than them? If you want to take the Mediterranean beauty home, we suggest you start playing with colors other than blue.

Bar on the sides
Above-ground pools are usually looked upon with a little hesitation. The reason is not the size; it’s the limitation people think of in terms of design. Pools with small backyards offer respite from digging a hole in the ground and building a custom pool. But the major drawback they offer is the fact that they cannot have stunning decor. This idea, however, will solve all your worries. A bar and seating all around the pool will result in a party aesthetic.

Privacy Screen
Privacy screens can be used for more than what they were originally built for. They add a body to your small pool. The key is to make your pool the center of the attraction despite the size of it. Privacy screens made out of bamboo give a rustic charm to the pool with small backyards, whereas screens made out of glass exude more of a contemporary feel.

Remember the times when we used to look up on magazine covers, the patio shots of celebs where a pergola stood right beside the pool? Pergolas are beautiful structures that act as extended roofs. These structures look stunning when erected in the backyard or front yard. If the area you live in receives a lot of sun, investing in a pergola will kill two birds with one stone. A pergola will save you from the harsh sun and will result in a beautiful pool with a small backyard.

Thematic pools for small backyards are great when it comes to making a tiny pool the most stunning thing you own. Lounge chairs and huge, dramatic floaties in the pool will for sure seem like a straight out of a dollhouse. Lounge furniture will ensure you can sip your favorite drinks while taking a sunbath.

Instead of doing something with the pool for a small backyard, extend your shed into a pool house. This chic idea involves having a shed like that of a cabana and having a couch in it. Taking this shed and extending the front of it into a pool is a done deal. This is a relatively new idea that can followed by people from anywhere.

We understand you cannot play with the area since there is a shortage, but you can for sure stack a pool above one. Another groundbreaking swimming pool idea is to have a pool and then stack one above it. The vertical space will be used to create a wall full of water features. This pool’s small backyard can mimic any resort pool that becomes the center of attraction.

How can Green Evolutions help you with swimming pools for small backyards?
Green Evolutions has 30 years of experience designing and Constructing swimming pools. We have created stunning pools for several clients across India. Swimming pools require a lot of planning that can only be rendered by someone as experienced as Green Evolutions. We can prove that small pools can equal big splashes.

We hope the article helped you discover several ways to transform your tiny yard into a big delight.

Contact us for more information regarding water features.

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